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Great Casterton CE Primary School

Daily Updates

Monday 20th April

Good morning everyone

I hope you all had a lovely Easter Break and got to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather – I ordered it just for you! It’s been lovely to find out what you have been up to, and I heard that some of the Year 1’s have organised their own Show and Tell. That sounds great, well done.  Kaiden put a big smile on my face on Friday when he sent some fantastic photos of him and Summer enjoying themselves. I wish I was having as much fun as you two!

Well here we are on Week 3 of our home learning and I have added some work for you to have a go at this week. Don't forget, just do what you feel comfortable with and if you need any help just email the office. Most of the things I have included are going over what we have done in class so I wonder if you can remember them? The Year 1 maths starts with Capacity which is something new for this year, although you will have done some of this last year when you were with Mrs Hughes. It also involves counting in 10s (which we have practised) and thinking about equal groups which is the start of early multiplication and is new learning. So 3 bags of 2 apples is the same as 2 + 2 + 2 which can be drawn as an array (this is just using a columns and rows to represent the groups). The Year 2 maths is Fractions and this is what we were just starting in class when everything stopped!  We need to find fractions of an amount and fractions of a shape, and remember a fraction is just an equal part of the whole thing. Good luck children and good luck parents. Hopefully fractions doesn’t bring back to many bad memories of your school days!!

Tuesday 21st April

Happy Tuesday,

It was fantastic to receive some photos yesterday and you will see I have started up a photo collection for you to look at too.  Please do send your photos to the office and let me know what you've been doing. I was busy at Empingham School yesterday and helped get the home learning packs ready for those of you who want  a paper copy. I also had a look at the new BBC online resources for home learning ( There are some nice ideas and I will try to make links with the learning I am putting up for you, to give you a bit of direction. I am a little worried that you may all come back to school knowing more than me!! I had a go at the Year 1 Maths lesson yesterday. Wow! the last question about which container held the most was tricky. I'm still working out that answer!  I'm also working on reading you a story so look out for that, hopefully it's coming soon. I just need to find a nice quiet room to film in - not easy these days!

Have a great day

Mrs Wood


Wednesday 22nd April

Hi Everyone,

Can't believe it's Wednesday already! I hope you had a look at the story I recorded yesterday. Oh my goodness! It was hard work. First Katie walked in when I was in the middle of filming so I had to start again, and then when I had finished it was too long to upload, so I had to film it again in two parts. If you fancy reading a favourite story and sending it to me I can have a go at putting it on the website too, just no longer than 5 minutes. It was lovely to have some photos from Ava-Mae yesterday. She has been very busy planting and doing her school work. She has also had a visit from the tooth fairy - just like Ethan! 

I had a good look through the BBC bitesize resources yesterday and it was great to see some learning about the countries of the UK, which was our topic in Term 3, so I think that would definitely be worth a look. There was also some Science work on seasons too. In fact most of the first weeks learning for Years 1 and 2 is recapping stuff we have covered in class already.  We haven't talked about Rosa Parks, but that would fit with our History topic on Heroes so definitely worth a look. If you are feeling up for a challenge give some of it a go!

Have a good day

Mrs Wood



Thursday 23rd April

Happy St George's Day 

Did you realise it is St George's Day today? Do you know what St George's Day is? And do you know who St George was? If not today is a good day to find out. Have a look on this cbeebies link to find out more

Today is also celebrated as William Shakespeare's birthday and if you haven't heard of him then you can learn about his life here

and maybe enjoy finding out about some of the plays he wrote. 

Have a good day

Mrs Wood



Friday 24th April

Good morning all,

Well here we are at Friday again so don't forget Golden Time! I'm wondering how you've all got on with another week at home. Here's some questions for you to think about.

What has been the best thing about this week? 

What has been the worst thing?

What have you done well?

What's the best thing you've eaten?

What's the nicest thing you've said to anyone?

What's the nicest thing anyone's said to you?

What have you noticed about the world around you?

I'm off to paint the garage door now! That's a job that's been put off for a long time so I'd better get on with it!

Have a lovely sunny day.

Mrs Wood


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