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Great Casterton CE Primary School

Daily updates

Monday 26th April

Good morning boys and girls,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the fantastic weather. I have added this week's learning returning to our history topic of Term 1 where we thought about our families and relations.  I am going to set you a quiz this week to see if you've remembered some of the things we've done over the first 4 terms of Year 1/2.  Keep your eyes out for it and email me your answers. I would love to know how you get on! 

It was lovely to see some of your photos last week and hear what you have been up to. Keep the pictures coming as I want to fill the photos page on the website. I hope you’ve been looking at them. Please send photos of your work, things you have been doing at home, or just a nice smiley picture of you to make us all happy. Just let me know that you are OK for me to put them on the website. I have seen a few of your faces around which has made me smile. I saw Kia peeping around his door last week, and I saw Latham’s sister out with her daddy, but Latham was nowhere to be seen! I expect he was busy doing his school work! I saw Lily and Jasmine’s nanny while out for a walk the other day and had a lovely chat with her. I am going to be in Empingham school on Friday so if you would like any help with anything, or just fancy saying ‘hello’ please ring me on  01780 460246.

Have a great day

Mrs Wood



Tuesday 27th April

Happy Tuesday everyone,

I hope you enjoyed watching the ‘Count on me’ song that the staff at GC and Empingham took part in, and well done to those who had a go at my little quiz yesterday.

Thank you to Joshua for the fantastic photo of him with all his amazing learning yesterday. Also, Kia sent a photo of some super Lego models he’d made. Glad to see you’re both working hard. Kia was the first to send me his answers to the quiz, but don’t forget I’m not putting the answers up until Wednesday, so you’ve still got lots of time to get them in. Well done Ethan for sending yours too. Lovely to see Calvin yesterday, keeping busy doing his shopping with mum.  I hear that Charlie’s working hard too after I saw his mum collecting his home learning pack at Empingham.  

Have a great day

Mrs Wood


Wednesday 29th April

Hi everyone,

Lots of lovely emails yesterday. Well done to Hugo and Ava-Mae for their fantastic quiz answers. I have put up the answers today so check how you did. There were some tricky questions there and lots of you forgot Mrs Muttett’s name, but most of you remembered Kaiden is a Liverpool supporter and  Latham and Skyla played the parts of the donkey and the mule in the Nativity. Nearly all of you remembered that Hugo bought in tadpoles for his ‘Show and Tell’ and yesterday he sent us some photos to update us on their progress. Make sure you have a look at them in the photo section. Once we are back at school there will be runner up prizes for all the quiz entries I received, but the winning prize will go to Kia, who got 14/15 (and the bonus question). Well done Kia!  I had some great photos sent in from Arnie yesterday too. He’s been working really hard learning about fractions and doing some measuring. Great work Arnie!

Yesterday I bought a book for my Kindle which I thought I would share with you. It’s a story written by Roald Dahl called The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me. You can listen to two parts of it in the story section today. I will continue to add some everyday until we get to the end of the story. I hope you enjoy.

Mrs Wood


P.S. I've added a picture of Louie with a toilet roll on his head so you can see that I haven't been wasting my time while at home. I tried to do 2 but he wasn't having it!



Thursday 30th April

Thank you Soheyla and Junior who both sent their quiz answers to me yesterday. Well done to both of you. Soheyla also sent me something she is going to take part in next week on Rutland Radio – see below for the details. I can’t wait to hear it.

I also received a great photo of Ethan getting stuck into his maths; he looks very busy and concentrating really hard on working out the answers, or is he just thinking about what he could build with those cubes!

I hope you’ve been enjoying ‘The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me’. I’ve added another two parts for you to listen to. If you get time you could draw some lovely pictures to go with the story. I would love to see some of your great drawings of a giraffe or a pelican, or maybe a monkey.

If you didn't get the question about Neil Armstrong right in the quiz I have found a great activity on  BBC Bitesize today for you to remind yourself. You can find it on Year 1 or Year 2 lessons on 27th April, or follow this link.

Have a good day

Mrs Wood


Friday 1st May

Morning Everyone,

Well who turned off the sun? I hope you’ve been able to stay busy through these rainy days. I know it’s been tricky in my house, and we’ve all got a little grouchy with each other at times. Fortunately I was sent an amazing story from Evelyn yesterday which cheered me up no end. I have added it underneath for you to read. Can you see how hard she’s been working on her presentation? Great work Evelyn. I do miss reading all your stories so please do send them in to me. A lovely photo from Ethan and Alexa too. They’ve been busy making some super signs. I wonder if they are going to put them in their window for everyone to see?

I have been talking to Mrs Bullivant, Mrs Budden and Mrs Fisher and they are all missing you and are eager to say hello and find out how everyone is doing. Today I have included some photos from Mrs Fisher for you to share.

Just to let you know Soheyla reads a story on Rutland Radio every Tuesday between 12.15-12.30PM  so I know I’m definitely going to tune into that next week.

Have a good Friday and don’t forget Golden Time!

Mrs Wood


P.S. Don’t forget I am at Empingham school today so if you would like a chat or support with anything feel free to call  01780 460246

The first picture is of my family and I going for a walk in the woods. We saw a carpet of bluebells! Have  you seen any signs of Spring on your walks?

The second picture is when Tilly taped up Poppy's mouth because she wouldn't stop singing! I hope you're all being nicer to your brothers and sisters! Don't worry I un-taped it again!

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