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Welcome to

Great Casterton CE Primary School

Week 10

Monday 15th June

Here we go again,

I hope you all had a restful weekend, and the sun is back again, hurray! Did you notice that Ava-Mae had a birthday last week? Check out the photo on the first page. I think we have a star in the making. Happy Birthday for last week Ava-Mae, and I can't wait to see you in school today.

Hugo sent me his beautiful handwriting on Friday, and not only had he worked super hard at forming his letters carefully but he also created his illustrations using real sand. Well done Hugo, and well done everyone who sent me their fantastic handwriting. Last day today if you want to send it to me, then I am going to show them to Mrs Gooding, and I think I will show Mrs Petrie the Year 2s as I know she will be well and truly impressed. You can see them all in the photos folder so make sure you take a look. Do let me know if you've sent it and it's not there as sometimes things slip through the net.  I got an email yesterday about the Summer Reading Challenge, which I know lots of you take part in every year. I have added it to the 

front page for you to take a look at. You know how I feel about reading. I think it is one of the most amazing thing you can do, and anybody who loves reading will understand how it opens up a whole new world to you and expands your horizons tenfold. I would be completely lost if I couldn't read or listen to stories on audiobooks (that's the only way I can get my cleaning done; it always make me more enthusiastic to do it if I have a good book to listen to!).  Anyway it's definitely worth taking a look at.

I hope you enjoy this week's home learning, let me know if you have any questions.

Mrs Wood




Tuesday 16th June

Morning everyone,

Well I don't know about you, but I was so excited yesterday to know that the Year 2s will soon be coming back to school. I hope you were too. I know it's only 2 days but at least that means everyone gets to spend some time in their own classroom with their friends. I've already got lots and lots of hard work planned for you Year 2s, I'm not sure we'll have time for any fun!!!smiley Only joking, I know we will have just as much fun as the Year 1s, who managed to squeeze in phonics, maths, story planning, reading and an ice pop yesterday. We have some lovely new construction. It's called Kapla, and Charlie and Calvin really enjoyed building with it. Charlie made a fantastic house. I know you are going to like building with it too.

If you have been finding out about the oceans Ethan's mum found a great resource which I have added below.  It's definitely worth a look and I love that all your parents are working nearly as hard as you! 

Have a good day

Mrs Wood


P.S. All the handwriting was so brilliant that Mrs Gooding would like them all up on her WOW Wall. 


Wednesday 17th June

A Wonderful Wednesday to you all!

Well what a lovely two days in school with the Year 1s and the sun shone for us once again. It really makes all the difference when we can get outside and everyone had a great time working and playing hard.  We had a lovely chat about things that live in the ocean and I was amazed by how knowledgeable they all were. We also wrote some fantastic Supertato stories which I loved reading.

I know some of you Year 2s might be thinking about coming to school next week and may be feeling a bit nervous or unsure about things. If you would like to chat about anything just email and I will give you a ring or email. 

Have a good day today

Mrs Wood




Thursday 18th June

Good morning everyone,

I hope you had a good day yesterday. Did you get caught in the heavy rain? 

My daughters have reminded me it's Father's Day on Sunday and I know they are planning a surprise for Mr Wood. So I found some ideas that might be of use to you if you have a special dad, step-dad or even grandad that you would like to treat. Take a look on this website, I especially like the Superdad chocolate bar.

Have fun

Mrs Wood



Friday 18th June

Happy Friday,

Thank you to Blake for your wonderful handwriting. It was so nice to see how hard you've been working. I think I spotted some sports car top trumps in the background, so it's good to see you haven't changed!! Also Kia is still working hard finding out about the oceans. I love the haircut too Kia! The boys are definitely on it this week because I also got a picture of some fantastic maths work done by Joshua, and an amazing video of his stupendous reading. Well done to all of you. Take a look at their work below.

Lovely to see Charlie taking a nice family work yesterday evening. Although after all the rain  we'd had I'm not sure flip flops and socks was the best choice of footwear!! 

I hope you all have a great day today and enjoy your weekend. Can't wait to see some of you next week, and I am in school this morning so if you want a chat please call the office. 

Mrs Wood



Fantastic Oceans Resource

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