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Great Casterton CE Primary School

Bumped Head Information

As part of our first aid procedure, we will be trialling a new system in school to ensure that all staff and parents are aware of children who bump their head during the school day.


Any child who bumps their head will wear a GREEN wristband. This will highlight the information to all staff but also alert parents to look in their bag for a bumped head letter - which are now green in colour!


Please keep a look out for these wristbands on your child when you collect them from school.


The information below outlines the information in the school policy:

  • Any pupil who suffers a head bump will be issued with a "green bumped head wristband". 
  • This will make it visible to all school staff that a head bump has occurred
  • A wristband will be given to any child who has presented to a staff member with a bump to any part of their body from the neck upwards (including eyes, ears, nose, lips etc).
  • The wristband notifies you that one of our staff members looked after and assessed your child and at the time it was not thought necessary to refer him/her for further attention.
  • Parents will also receive a green note and be asked to sign a slip with further details of the incident.
  • Medical advice on concussion can be seen below. 
  • Children will be told that this band must remain on their wrist until they get home to show parents/carers, including if they attend an after school club.  The wrist band should remain on the child's wrist for 48 hours.
  • We also ask that if your child has bumped their head outside of school in the previous 48 hours - the school office are notified.



Symptoms usually start within 24 hours, but sometimes may not appear for up to 3 weeks.  Should any of the following conditions occur please refer the child to a doctor, preferably at the local A&E Department:-

  • Severe headache (persistent)
  • Does not like bright light
  • Vomits
  • Dizzy, double or blurred vision
  • Becomes disorientated or confused or unable to remember the recent past
  • Their conscious level changes

Please click the link below for the NHS guidance on head injuries and concussion.


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