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Welcome to

Great Casterton CE Primary School

Barack Obama

Barack Obama Class - 2023


Welcome to a brand new school year!  Welcome to Barack Obama, where we RISE to every challenge.


The first term is always exciting, with new routines and topics to start, and new friendships to forge. This term, we are lucky to have four new starters to get to know:  Bella, Grace, Max and Miller.  Welcome to you and your families.


All of our topics for the year are below.  For this term, I have attached the newsletter with details of the learning journeys. For future terms, I will send the newsletters out on Dojo.  On Day 1 of every term, I will send out a paper copy of the newsletter along with the spellings and Tough Ten. 


For homework in Barack Obama, we ask that your child reads to an adult every day; that they learn their spellings ready for the test on Thursday; and that they do one of the Tough Tens each week to improve the fluency in numeracy.  I will hold a quiz in class every week as part of our Retrieval Practice initiative, and details of this will also go out on the first day.  These packs are named, so if you don't receive yours, please let  me know.


Please send your child in with their PE kit to keep in their locker as we will be having PE in the first week.  For parents just moving to Key Stage 2, please send in a piece of fruit for a snack if you wish for break time.  Named water bottles are really useful - children can have a drink whenever they like, and I do encourage them to keep hydrated with regular water stops.


There will be a Meet the Teacher event in the first term, but if you have any questions at all, please see me on the playground or send me a Dojo.  If your issue is urgent, please contact the office.


I look forward to seeing you and your children!


Mrs Kondrat









Term 2


Literacy:  Poems

Science: Materials

Geography: Mapwork

Computing: Information Technology

Design and Technology: Healthy and Varied Diet

RE: Christmas


Term 3


Literacy: Playscripts and discussion

Science: Electricity

Geography: Rivers

Art: ink collage

RE: Sikhism


Term 4 (our class production)


Literacy: Myths and legends

Science: Electricity

Geography: The Ring of Fire

RE: Easter

Music: Pitch, Pattern and singing


Term 5


Literacy: Historical settings

Science: Plants

History: The Vikings

Design and Technology: 2D shape to 3D product

RE: Life's journeys



Term 6


Literacy: Persuasion

Science: Light

Computing: Digital literacy

Art: Drawing and printing

RE: Hindu/Sikhism stories


Term 6


Oh wow, I can't believe that we are at the last term in our school year.  We have packed so much learning into the five terms so far, and Term 6 is going to be just as busy (and just as much fun!).


This term sees us taking part in an athletics event, visiting a Mandir, enjoying Sports Day and also a visit to a zoo - and that is on top of all of our learning journeys!


There will not be Knowledge Organiser quizzes this term, and spellings will be held on Thursdays instead of Fridays.


I am sure that this is going to be our best term so far, but I will be very, very sad to say goodbye to parents and children in Year 4 - it's been JUST amazing!  They are all ready for the challenges of Year 5 and, yippee, I get to keep the Year 3 children for another year!


I will, as usual, be using Dojo with any information/messages/sharing our learning, and please contact me if you have any queries at all.


Here's to a stupendous and unforgettable term!


Mrs Petrie

Term 6 Newsletter

Term 5

It is finally here, the summer term!  


I hope you managed to have a super Easter break around the showers, and that you are all looking forward to the new term ahead.


Term 5 sees us commence our swimming lessons every Monday, and the forecast looks like it will start off with sunny skies, which is always a boost.


We also have trips out this term, including a very special visit to the recently discovered Roman site in Oakham which is incredibly exciting!  More details to follow.


Year 4 children will have the Multiplication Check in June, where they will be tested on all of their tables.  I know that they will be doing their best to ensure that they know their tables, but any practice at home will also help!


The newsletter across the school is in a slightly different format this term, with an overview of the whole term that parents can read to find out what is happening in  their class.  Copy of Amelia Earhart's is below, with a paper copy and quiz dates going out on the first day of term.  


I  know that your children will RISE to the challenges ahead, and I am really looking forward to starting some incredible learning journeys and having fun days out.


Mrs Petrie


Term 5 Newsletter Amelia Earhart

Welcome welcome welcome!


Term 4 is here, and I am very excited as it is our class production in the last week. We have so many talented children in class, and I can't wait for you to see the performance and enjoy the incredible singing.


The newsletter is below with details of the term ahead.  We have lots to learn, but I know that the children will RISE to the challenges together.


I look forward to seeing you all at Parent Evening interviews in a few weeks.


Mrs Petrie

It's 2023!  Happy new year and a very warm welcome to Term 3 in Amelia Earhart, where we RISE to the skies!


I hope that you had an enjoyable and also restful break over Christmas.  We are raring to go with lots of exciting learning journeys and more amazing things to discover.


The newsletter with details of the term is below, along with Knowledge Organisers for different subjects.  These will also be given out on the first day of term with the spellings and maths objectives for Term 3.


Have an amazing term, everyone!


Mrs Petrie



Term 3 Newsletter for Amelia Earhart

Science Knowledge Organiser for Terms 3 and 4

Spelling List for Years 3 and 4

Welcome to Term 2!  Where on earth did Term 1 go?!


I hope you all had a restful and enjoyable half term break.  We have Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas in this term, so there is plenty of excitement (and that's just from the teacher).


All of the documents, including a paper copy of the newsletter, will go out on the first day of the Term.  There is also a copy of the newsletter below this message.   The newsletter and Knowledge Organisers have all of the details of what we are covering this term.


Thank you to those parents who sent in the Tough Ten folder, your new homework will be inserted into that.  Thanks also for your continued support with learning spellings and preparing for the weekly quiz.


We have all of our routines established and a lovely work ethic in our classroom.  I am really looking forward to our learning journeys this term, culminating in Christmas.  Can't wait!


See you all over the term,


Mrs Petrie











Welcome to Term 1 in Amelia Earhart!


We have lots of exciting things planned, and a brand new Amazing Person to discover.


Welcome to the Year 3 parents and hello again to the amazing Year 4 parents.


On Day 1 of the term, you will receive a newsletter, spellings and also Knowledge Organisers for history and science.  The newsletter will give full details of all the topics that we will cover, and any information that you need.


Just as Amelia Earhart rose to the skies, we will RISE to the challenges of a new school year.


Very best wishes


Mrs Petrie



Term 1 Newsletter - Amelia Earhart

History Knowledge Organiser

Science Knowledge Organiser

Term 6


What a brilliant year we have had in Roald Dahl, with an amazing class full of super learners.


This last term has lots of exciting activities with something to interest everyone  such as our Viking Day, an athletics day and also sports day.


Full details of our learning journeys are in the newsletter below, which will also go out on day one of term along with the spellings and Knowledge Organiser.  


Whilst we say goodbye to our Year 4 pupils, we will really enjoy our last term of working together.  There is such a great team spirit in the class, with everyone willing to help out their peers and support them where they can.  I know that the Year 3 children will miss the Year 4s, but also that they will enjoy being the role models for the new intake that the current Year 4s have been.


Have a great last term, everyone, and all in the lovely sunshine!


Mrs Petrie





Term 5


Welcome everyone to Term 5 in Roald Dahl - and what a fun-packed term it is going to be!


Below is the newsletter giving you full details of all of the learning journeys, and a paper copy of this will go out on the first day of term, along with spellings, Knowledge Organisers and Tough Ten.


We will be immersing ourselves in the era of the Victorious Vikings this term, and  we will find out all about the impact that these incredible raiders and traders had upon Britain.  We will also be studying all aspects of plants, and carrying out plenty of practical investigations to consolidate and bring our learning to life.


In the second week of term, we have a number of exciting activities from an outside provider, and you will be able to see these on Dojo.  We also have a morning of volcanoes, and I know that the children will really enjoy this, too.  If that wasn't enough, we will be swimming every week (starting from week 2).  Phew.


The weather is going to be much warmer (I hope!) and with all of the exciting things that we have planned, I can't wait to get started.


As usual, everything that we do will be on Dojo, and please use this facility to get in touch with any queries that you might have.


See you all in the sunshine!

Mrs Petrie



Term 5 Newsletter for Roald Dahl

Term 4


Whoop whoop, Term 4 is here!  This term sees us practising and presenting our class production, Mystery at Magpie Manor.  It will be fantastic to see families back in school enjoying the talents of the children of Roald Dahl.  I am sure that some of you already know the songs as your children may be singing or humming them at home....


We continue with our Mindfulness sessions for the first few weeks of term.  This initiative was provided by Resilient Rutland, and I was so proud at how impressed the person presenting the sessions was with the pupils in our class.  I have certainly learned a lot about  how our brain works and techniques to use.


The newsletter giving full details of the term is below, and also on Class Dojo, along with the Knowledge Organisers.  A paper copy will be sent out on the first day of term with the spellings for Term 4.


I get very excited at the start of each term (even at the age of 97), but this term is always exciting as we practise our production and present it to parents.  No stress whatsoever....


See you all soon!


Mrs Petrie





Term 4 Newsletter for Roald Dahl

Term 3


Happy new year to you all and welcome to 2022 (yes, it really is 2022 already!).  I hope that you have really enjoyed the holiday and time to spend with family.  


We have lots planned for this term in Roald Dahl, details of which are in the newsletter below which was also sent out on Dojo.  Knowledge Organisers, quiz dates and spellings will all be sent home on the first day of school.


As always, please message me on Dojo with any questions or concerns.


I am so looking forward to a brand new year with the amazing children in Roald Dahl, and know that they will all RISE to every challenge.


Best wishes


Mrs Petrie

Roald Dahl newsletter for Term 3 2022

Term 2

Yes, it really is Term 2 already!  I hope that you had a super break and managed to recharge your batteries.  We did (finally) get a bit of nice weather in last term, but it is definitely much chillier and autumnal now.


The newsletter and Knowledge Organisers are below, and I will be issuing a paper copies of these, the quiz dates and the spellings for the term on day one of our new term. There is lots to learn and do in Term 2, but I know that your children will RISE to every challenge.


That sparkly season will soon be upon us, and it is so exciting to share in the joy and anticipation of the children towards the end of Term 2.  As always, anything that is happening will be put onto Dojo, and please use Dojo if you have any questions (please continue to notify the office of any absences, though).


Welcome to you and your children for the most wonderful time of the year!  


Best wishes


Mrs Petrie

Term 1

Welcome to the very first term of the new school year!  Welcome to Roald Dahl, where we RISE to the challenge with Roald.


I hope that you have all had an amazing summer break, and that you are as excited as I am to start with a brand new class and a brand new school year.


The newsletter outlining what we will cover this term is below, and Knowledge Organisers and spellings will all be on Dojo, which is the main method of communication about the day to day happenings in Roald Dahl.


Welcome, and hope to see you all soon!


Mrs Petrie

Term 1 Newsletter for Roald Dahl

Boudicca Newsletter for Term 6

Welcome to Term 6 in Boudicca


I can't believe that we are actually in our last week of the WHOLE school year!  What an amazing year it has been, and I am determined that we will finish with a fantastic final term.


Knowledge Organisers and spellings went out last term, with the electronic copy on Dojo.  The newsletter above this messages tells you everything else that we will be covering for this term.


I am SO not ready for your children to move on, especially those going into Year 5 (and, as your children will tell you, it's all about me in Boudicca!), but this makes me all the more resolute to pack in as much fun and learning as possible.  AND we have lovely sunny weather - could it be any better?


Come on Term 6, we're going to smash it!


Mrs Petrie


Boudicca Newsletter for Term 5

Welcome to Term 5 in Boudicca


So now it's term 5, and another chance to thrive in our Boudicca Bubble of Brilliance.


I hope that you and your family have had a restful Easter break, and that you have had a chance to enjoy the new opportunities to meet up with family and friends.


As you will see from the  newsletter above, we have a really exciting term ahead with super learning journeys planned and lots to learn.


The weather looks set to be kind, and after a two week break, I think that we are all raring to go.  Bring it on, Term 5!


Mrs Petrie

Boudicca Newsletter for Term 4



What an exciting term that we have ahead of us where we are able to continue our incredible learning journeys in the classroom.  A full newsletter is above this, which details all that we will be covering in Term 4.  


As usual, photos, videos and any messages will be sent to parents via Dojo, and please use this facility if you have any concerns or questions (if your child is going to be absent, please let the office know via email).


A huge welcome again to our Boudicca Bubble of Brilliance, and here's hoping for an amazing term of reconnecting and enjoying all of the learning journeys that we face together.


Mrs Petrie

Week Commencing 1st March 2021


I am very happy to write that this is the last week of remote learning.  I am incredibly impressed with how much you have been learning at home, but am also very glad that we will all be back in the classroom next week learning together.


Due to a number of you struggling to make the 3.15pm live slot for the story (for various reasons), and the fact that I want everyone to hear the ending as there is a competition for a book review of the Light Jar that Mrs Wood will judge, I will not be reading the class story next week on Teams. There are only a few chapters left, and so I will save them for when we are in school.


A newsletter for the new term is on this website, which details all of the exciting things that we have got planned.  We have a special reading day in the first week back, with lots of games that you have designed at home to try out in our PE lessons.  On the first morning back, we will have a class discussion to share any ideas that you have to make this term extra special.  For me, it is extra special to see all of you again in person.


For maths this week, I am going to ask you to revise all four operations, and sheets are in the maths folder below (and in paper packs).  Please don't feel that you need to complete all of the questions, I have put plenty on for those that would like extra practice.


The literacy booklet from last week will continue this week, and if you have forgotten what to do, please see the suggested pages in last week's literacy folder.


I have also asked if you can bring in two pieces of work - details for this are on the afternoon instructions below.


Have the best week at home, Boudicca, and please say a HUGE thank you to all of the adults that have supported and encouraged you.  I can't WAIT to see you all back on 8th March!


Mrs Over Excited Petrie

Week Commencing 22nd February 2021


Welcome to Term 4!  I hope that you have had a brilliant half term, and are raring to go again.  It was lovely to  have a week off, but I am really excited to be back with you, if only virtually for a time, and that we are all getting on with our learning journeys.  I am waiting for news before I put up our class newsletter onto this website, but, if you have  not already collected them at the end of last term, the spellings, handwriting sheets and Knowledge Organiser are waiting for you in the school office.


No sooner had I marvelled over writing "February" than it appears I will be writing "March" in just over a week.  That conjures up images of lambs, daffodils, Easter eggs, blossom on the trees and lots of new beginnings.  I am hoping that it will symbolise lots of new beginnings for Boudicca, and that we will soon all be together again.  There are also birthdays coming up (including mine and Mrs Haggerty's in March) and so there will be plenty to celebrate.


In the meantime, I shall be on Teams at the same times as last term, and all of the work that is set for this week is in the folders below.  I have tried so hard to find work that will engage and interest you, and to include activities that will appeal to different learning styles.  I am also on Dojo if you have any queries, or things to share.


Which only leaves me to say welcome again to Term 4, and that I hope to see you all soon!


Mrs Looking Forward to Term 4 And Lots of Birthday Cake Petrie

Week Commencing 8th February 2021


Hey, Boudicca, we did it!  A whole term done and dusted by this Friday.  It was definitely not the term we anticipated, but wow have you made the best of it, and you and your parents and grandparents have worked SO hard to get through it.  As my old boss used to say before any statutory holiday, "take a week off, you deserve it". You really DO deserve it, Boudicca.


This week will see us finishing our weathering topic and also looking at digestion and healthy eating.  Next term starts by looking at skeletons and muscles, and I am trying to find some fun things for you to do at home to learn about this part of our science curriculum.  After this, we will look at food chains which I always enjoy.  There is art and design and technology also on our list to learn, but I may try to save these for when we are back in school.


As usual, there is an extra section if you either finish work or get bored over half term (and you can always look back at the folders of extra work from previous weeks to find something that you might enjoy).


It was great to have our show and tell session on Friday, and I will definitely make that a regular thing for as long as you are still learning at home.  It reminded me of how kind and respectful you are to each other (but did make me miss you even more than I already do), and it was great to see some things that you could not normally bring into school.  I am planning lots of things for when we are back, and will be checking with Mrs Gooding to see if we can have a race with the remote control cars!


Have a fantastic half term break, remember to be kind to yourself and your family, and I will see you all online at 9.15 on Monday, 22nd February (I will keep to the same timetable for Teams, but they will all be on the calendar).


Mrs Very Proud To Be Your Teacher Petrie








Week commencing 1st February 2021


Wow, another amazing week  last week.  I know that it must be challenging to work from home, so a huge well done for keeping going and for keeping up with our learning objectives.  I hope that the variance in tasks is making it more appealing and enjoyable, and am so grateful for all that your parents are doing to help you with the tasks where they can.


This is the penultimate week of the first term of the year, and although it is not what I wished for (not having you in the classroom is just awful), I am so appreciative that we are able to connect on Teams and that you are all doing your best at home.


There is another full week of learning below, and please do not feel that you have to complete every task.  Try to work when is suits your own rhythms and the schedule of your family, and please do not feel you have to rigidly stick to any particular layout or timetable.


Please remember, especially as we continue to work in unusual conditions, to be kind to yourself and your family.  Please take time out to celebrate what you are achieving and to thank your parent, grandparent and pet for all that they are doing to support you.  


Not long now until half term, so please keep on RISING to the challenge!


See you on Teams.


Mrs Missing You More Every Day But Glad You Are Safe Petrie



Week commencing 25th January 2021


Guess what, Boudicca, we made it through another week! I think most of us are struggling with the new regime of remote learning, so please do not feel on your own if you are finding it difficult or questioning whether you are doing the right thing. All we can do is do our best to RISE to the challenges, and above all, be kind to ourselves and acknowledge that there is no rule book to follow and we are all just feeling our way together.


Having said that, I am SO pleased to see so many of you working hard at home and producing brilliant work.  That is down to fantastic, supportive parents who are definitely RISING to the challenge.   Most of you are getting into your own routines of learning at home, and there is no right or wrong way to work - just do whatever suits your family schedule and try to work when you are most motivated (some like to get going first thing, some prefer to start and finish later - both are fine).


I have tried again this week to provide alternative activities for the afternoon, whilst still ensuring that all of the curriculum objectives are covered.  It is so heartwarming to see you giving 100% to tasks and doing so well in the tables and spelling tests, Boudicca.  I will continue to do tables test at 9.15 on the live session, with a spelling test on Friday mornings. Knowledge Organiser quizzes are on assignments in Teams.


Have a super week, everyone, know that you are incredibly missed but I still love our live chats and keeping up with what you are doing.  Next time I write a message on this website, it will be 1st February and spring will be well on its way.


Be good, be kind and enjoy  your learning!


Mrs Petrie


p.s. no help from dogs or cats this week, OK?!


Week commencing 18th January 2021


How exciting finally having snow last week, even if it did just fall for a few hours.  It was great to hear your snow stories and to see some of your snowmen (I still can't interest Douglas in building one, even when I put a trail of doggy treats outside).  It was also brilliant to see that you are all working so hard and to be able to view and share some of your amazing work.


Thank you SO much for  your patience with the connection issues for the live sessions. I will continue to use the new Ipad until I receive my new laptop, and I can't describe how great it is to stay connected during the live sessions and to interact with you without worrying about losing the connection half way through a sentence.  I will also now schedule all meetings, and you will be able to see these on your calendar on Teams.


This week, I am putting in an extra section underneath the maths, literacy and afternoon activities, for those pupils who might want a little bit more work to do.  You can dip into different things that you think will help your learning.  I have also tried to put some options onto the afternoon activities to appeal to a range of learning styles.


On 17th January, I was contacted by Mrs Boothby from NMPAT.  She will be joining us for a live singing lesson from 1 - 1.45 on Thursdays, starting this week. If you have had a paper pack and collected it last Friday, this is an amendment to the afternoon activities for this week.


Have a fantastic week.  Thank you for being the best class, and thank you to all of your parents for your incredible and consistent support.  It has really kept me going this week when I am missing all of you so much.


Mrs Petrie



Week commencing 11th January 2021


Hello Boudicca!


Although it wasn't a particularly successful week in terms of connecting, I am sure that these problems will be resolved one way or the other.  There are so many demands being made on our broadband systems, and I think we will have to either trial and error a less busy time to be on Teams, or just accept that there will be ongoing issues.  I will keep trying and keep you updated on Dojo.


On the subject of Teams, can you please make sure that you are muted at all times unless I ask you to speak?!


Below are folders for work for week commencing 11th January.  I will let you know (when I do) what my timetable for being live on Teams will be, and I will put this on Dojo and on here.  As there are issues with sharing devices and connecting, you should be able to work using the video links on this website (which you can watch when it is convenient to you and then replay anything that you need to see again), and if I am unable to speak to you on Teams, this will not affect you being able to get on with your work. 


If you have asked for a paper pack to go with the work online, they will be available at school from Fridays (I will make sure that my packs are always prepared for Thursday to allow time for them to be copied).  I have kept a list of those that requested a paper pack, but please let me know if you would like your name to be added.


For those who have not seen it, I have put the Knowledge Organiser quiz in 'assignments' on Teams, and I will do this every Friday.  There won't be a spelling test this week, but I am sure that your parents can check your spellings at home for today.


Which only leaves me to say thank you SO much for all of your supportive messages in these very challenging and rather manic times; that I am sorry again about today's connectivity; to ask you to look after yourselves and be kind to yourselves (parents and children); and to say that I miss you all immeasurably.  Have a great weekend, be kind and stay safe!


Mrs Petrie






Welcome to remote learning, Boudicca.  A pack has been prepared with all of the work for this week, but below there are some website links to support this.  I have also included in this message (below the websites) a timetable for remote learning for next week and beyond (a paper copy is included in your packs), but this is subject to change depending on how it works.


I will contact you on Teams at 12.15 this Friday (8th January) so we can all get together online then.  This is the first Teams meeting that we will have.


I am also attaching PowerPoints for science this week (and to keep as a reference for the rest of our science topic).


Please note that the handwriting and spelling sheets that are in your packs are for the rest of the term, not to be completed this week.  


The literacy link for this week for you to follow online is:



Year 3, you might like to watch these videos to support the maths for this week:


Year 4, you might like to watch these videos to support the maths for this week:



An additional afternoon activity uses this link:





Boudicca Timetable

Monday to Thursday


9.15             Teams for introduction to maths

9.30            Children work independently on set tasks (on class page of

         website/paper pack)

11.15            Teams for introduction to literacy

11.30            Children work independently on set tasks (on class page

          of website/paper pack)

1.15              Teams for introduction to afternoon task

3.15             Teams for class story




9.15             Spellings test, quizzes on both Knowledge Oganisers and

introduction to maths task (which will probably involve tables) and handwriting task

9.30            Children work independently on set tasks

11.15            Teams for introduction to literacy

11.30            Children to work independent on set tasks


12.15             Teams for class story  The timetable in the pack states that we would be on                          Teams at 3.15 on Fridays, but Mrs Gooding has just changed this.  So for this                        week, I will be on at 12.15 to say hello, and will review it for following Fridays                         (as I will be busy getting the packs ready and planning on Friday afternoons).


I will call you on Teams at the times stated above.  If you do not know your Teams password, please let me know as soon as possible.  Please try to be on Teams (you just need to Google ‘Teams’) at the allotted times from next week if you can. 


I will call you on Teams at 12.15 on Friday this week (8th January), so we can have a ‘dry run’ to see if we can get everyone on at the same time!  I am sure it will take a few goes, so don’t panic if you can not get on straight away.


When we are online on Teams, can you please click the ‘mute’ button unless I ask you to speak.  Perhaps you could go on before Friday to have a look at it.


You and your parents can contact me on Dojo during the day if you have a question. 


See you all on Friday, if only virtually!


Mrs Missing You Already Petrie




Welcome to the Spring Term, and welcome to a new year full of learning.  A very happy new year to you all.


In these uncertain times, we can always be certain that we will RISE to the challenge, and I am really looking forward to working with Boudicca in our Bubble of Brilliance on our various learning journeys.


To parents: the newsletter for this term is below, and Knowledge Organisers, quiz dates and spellings have all gone out last term.  Thank you to all parents for your work in helping your children to learn their spellings and facts for our weekly Knowledge Organiser quizzes.


As usual, please Dojo me with any queries or concerns, and please continue to let the office know about absences.


Very best wishes,


Mrs Petrie



Newsletter for Boudicca for Term 3 2021

Welcome to Term 2 in Boudicca!


Below is our newsletter, detailing all of the exciting things that we will be learning this term.


We are extending a very warm welcome to Daisy and her family to Year 4 and our Boudicca Bubble of Brilliance.  I know that she will be an amazing asset, and the pupils (and her teacher) can't wait for her to join our happy team.


As usual, please send a message via Dojo if you have any queries, no matter how small, or anything that you would like to let me know.  Any absences/medical appointments etc need to be notified to the office.


Come on Term 2, we are SO ready for you!


Mrs Petrie

A HUGE welcome to Class Boudicca to parents, children and their families!  How exciting to have a brand new school year to look forward to. 


So much is new this year - new children, a new name and new topics.  Please have a look at the Class Page on Dojos to keep updated with what is happening and to find out what exciting things are planned for this term.


All of the routines are on the newsletter below, and if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me through messages on Class Dojo.


Here's to a fantastic year, Class Boudicca and your families!  Let's RISE to the challenge that is Term 1 with the readiness and resilience of our namesake.


Best wishes


Mrs Petrie



A Final Farewell

This is it, Class 2, our last week of term.  What an unusual school year it has been!  I am so proud of how you and your families have coped throughout, and that all of you have shown resilience, resourcefulness and responsibility.  Now it is time to have relaxation, reading (you see, even in a rousing final message, I can't resist getting in a reminder to read) and a really good time over the summer.  Arise, Class 2, you have RISEN to the challenge and you deserve a well-earned holiday.  


If you have not already done so, have a quick peek at the photos from last week below.


To my super Year 4 pupils (oh gosh, I really do miss you already), although I do feel that I would have liked more time with you, I have enjoyed every minute of our learning journey. I send you on to Year 5 with a heavy heart at missing you (loads), but a happy heart that I know you will have a fantastic time there and that you will show Mrs Tosney and Mrs Reynolds that you are as amazing as I always tell them.


To my amazing Year 3 pupils, I am SO happy to have another year with you and starting off a fresh learning journey (our first topic is Rome and its Impact on Britain, with our first science topic being Rocks, Soils and Fossils if any of you want to do some research over the break).  We had an incredible year this year, and next year is going to be even more fabulous.


To all of my fantastic parents, I could not do this job without your support and encouragement - your messages really DO mean the world to me as I try so hard to educate your children but also ensure that they have fun and engagement along the way.  I shall dearly miss the Year 4 parents and wish you and your children the very best in life.  I feel so blessed to still have my Year 3 parents, and really feel like we are in it together.


Bon voyage to those of you going away.  Stay safe, have the best summer ever and see you all in August where we will once again RISE to the challenge!


Very best and sincere wishes


Mrs Petrie





Wednesday, 15th July 2020

Wow, what a busy week it has been so far!!!  We managed to combine having lots of fun with lots of work.  What a great combination.  In the last two days, alongside our maths, we managed to produce an information leaflet on Van Gogh, analyse his work and then learn all about Pointillism.  The art work is so incredible that I am keeping it to go on display outside our classroom for when you come back in September.  A fantastic effort, Year 3.  Can Year 4 match your application to tasks?  I think so!


See you tomorrow Year 4.  Check out the photographs to see just how much fun we had.


Mrs Petrie

Monday, 13th July 2020

Hey Hey Class 2


And so, the end is near, as a famous singer once sang......   I am super excited for our last week and a bit, but also flabbergasted as to how the time has flown.  Faster than the fastest world record breaker for fastness.


So what does this week bring, apart from lots of learning?  What doesn’t it bring!  On Monday and Thursday, weather permitting, we have our mini sports day in the afternoons.  On Tuesday and Friday, we have our Happy Days (please remember to get your order in to Mrs Mann as soon as you can – rhyme intended) and our water play (remember the rule, the teacher is to remain dry or you are in BIG TRUB – no ‘we have our reports so it does not matter’ heroics, please).  Year 3 children seem to have a lot of water soakers, and some have kindly agreed to loan these to Year 4 (I will sterilise them after use on Tuesday and also after use on Friday). 


On Tuesday and Friday, I will be letting you know who has won the Tudor Pack competition (a prize for the winner and certificates and rosettes for the runners up), although working hard on them has been prize enough, I am sure.  There is a certificate for the Class 2 Radish Off (Mr MacDonald has chosen his winner) and the boats have been entered into a raffle and will also go home (oh what joy, I hear your parents cry). 


I will be sending your sunflowers home this week, and if you want to take your radish too, can you please bring in a small yoghurt pot as my great idea to grow them all in one big planting pot did not take into account how you would take them home...  Your books will also be going home on Tuesday and Friday.  What a busy week!


So, what will we be learning this week?  Along with maths, our main project is to learn all about the famous painter, Vincent Van Gogh whose famous painting, The Sunflowers (such an original title) will be appraised and you will have a go at your own version.  We will also look at pointillism, and you will all make a famous piece of art of your own.  For literacy, you will be making an information leaflet all about Mr Van Gogh.  Can we squeeze all of this in to just two days?  As Bob the Builder once sang, yes we can!


See you all for a fun-filled week.  Let’s make the last week of term our best ever,

Class 2!


Mrs Very Excited Petrie Who Wishes To Remain Dry, OK??


Thursday, 9th July 2020

Well, I was not expecting this week to be such a washout in terms of the weather!  It was so difficult having 13 faces pressed against the window on Tuesday watching the rain fall and asking "but are we still having sports day?" (not to mention Douglas jumping around wanting to do the sack race).  We have looked at the forecast for tomorrow for Year 4s and think next week is a better week.  


It certainly wasn't a washout as far as work was concerned, and everyone finished their Tudor pack and painted their Tudor rose.  Mrs Gooding will judge the packs this week and next week, the winner of best pack will be announced with a huge drum roll (well, maybe a tap of a pencil on a desk).  Talking of Tudors, we are raffling off the Spanish Armada ships and all children want to be included in the raffle - if any parents do not want a large, cardboard ship going home, can they please let their child know so that they can withdraw from our raffle?


Enjoy the rest of the week, and I am sure that next week will be super exciting!


Mrs Petrie



Monday, 6th July 2020

Oh my goodness, this term is going FAR too quickly!  I am determined to make sure that we cram as much fun (and learning, if any parents are reading this!) into the last few weeks of our school year.


We had an amazing week last week with our Tudor days (please see last week's photos which show just how amazing they were - Year 3, Mrs Haggerty has been usurped as our Class Photobomber.....) where we managed to learn so much about Tudors (and a little bit more still to learn this week). It was so rewarding to see so many happy and excited faces, especially as we re-enacted the Spanish Armada with the pavilion acting as Scotland as the English ships chased the Spanish with the supporting crowd shouting "En-ger-land".  Thank you so much to parents who made such an effort with the outfits, to Hayden's Nanny for the hats and Mrs Murton for providing and organising the school outfits.


This week starts with a very happy birthday to Henry 8th (I DO hope he remembers the class rule...) and we are also going to try to have a mini sports day (weather permitting).


Our sunflowers are shooting up and the "Radish Off" is producing lots of healthy plants at different heights. Although all of you seem to be growing much faster than the plants!


So, here is to an amazing work-filled week with Mrs Gooding deciding on the best presented Tudor booklet and the added tension of will he/won't he of Douglas participating in our sports day event.


See you all this week for lots of fun and games.  Oh, and learning, I knew there was a reason for us all being in school...


Mrs Petrie and Douglas





Tuesday, 30th June 2020

Phew, I am just sitting down to look at the photographs from our amazing Tudor day today. We did a Tudor timeline; learned about the War of the Roses; found out lots about Henry VIII through different sources (Henry pointed out that he is currently Henry VII, but on his birthday in a few weeks, he will be Henry VIII); we baked Jumble biscuits and found out why they were important at the Battle of Bosworth; we played hoops like they did in Tudor times and then finished off the day finding out about the Spanish Armada before re-enacting the battle with the cardboard boats.  It is lovely to see so many happy faces on the photos, a selection of which are below in the photo folder.  Best of all, I get to do it all again on Friday.  Yay! (For the adults reading, the last word does contain a little irony).


On Tuesday, we managed to do some maths, write a poem, set up a plant investigation and learn all about pollination. 


It's all go in Class 2, and I am so looking forward to Year 4 coming in as they are all super learners and will really enjoy the planned activities.


Enjoy the rest of the week, Year 3, and whoop whoop Year 4, so much fun lies ahead for you this week!


Mrs Exhausted But Happy Petrie



Monday, 29th June 2020

Woo, Class 2, it was so heart-warming to have you back in school learning and playing with your friends.  So many happy faces and so much laughter (and that was just the staff).


Last week, you all planted a sunflower seed as a symbol of new growth and as a memento of our Return to School which we are going to monitor (the plant, not your return to school) before you take it home (there are already plenty of shoots). Year 4 have also started the “Class 2 Radish Off” where you are all going to plant a radish seed and Mr MacDonald is going to judge the best looked after at the end of term.  This week, we are going to look at a practical plant investigation to consider the best conditions for plant growth.


Talking of judging, we are going to produce a Tudor booklet this week on our Tudor day (and maybe beyond) where we are going to do lots of activities and learn loads about the era.  Mrs Gooding has agreed to judge the best booklet in terms of content and presentation. If you do not have a Tudor outfit, can the girls please come in PE kits (to change into a dress), and the boys please come in school shorts and a plain shirt or t-shirt (to be accesorised at school).  Mrs Murton will wash the clothes that we will provide before and after use, so these will remain in school and will be cleaned and only worn by one person on that day. Please go to bed early the night before as it is going to be a busy day!


If you are up for a challenge, have a look at this website where you can create, train and race a a virtual athlete:


It looks like it will be a bit cooler this week (phew) and I can’t wait to see you for lots of learning.   You never know, Douglas might stop complaining that the heat is the reason why he refuses to go on a walk, and he may even join us for a game of Animal Kingdom outside (although he did overhear one pupil admit that his father questioned whether I knew that Douglas was not real - we were both MOST offended.  Not REAL?!).


See you later alligator (yes, I know you are plural, but that does not scan as well with 'later', and we are doing poetry this week which is all about how lines scan).


Mrs Can't Wait For This Week Petrie


Friday, 26th June 2020

What a fantastic day we had yesterday!  Even though it was really hot, we had lots of fun playing with our friends outside and lots of learning inside.  Take a look at the photos to see just how much fun we had!  


All of the children were so ready and eager to learn, and it was great to have them back doing what they do best.


Next week is going to be busy busy too as we have a whole day of Tudor learning as well as a full day of numeracy, literacy and science on the other day (calm down with the cheers, everyone).


Have a brilliant weekend, Class 2, and see you next week for another amazing week.


Mrs Very Happy To Have You Back Petrie



Wednesday, 24th June 2020

Well, we were busy bees over the last two days (and learned about what bees did in the life cycle of plants).  We devised our own rules, painted, modeled with clay, made leaflets, did loads of outdoor play and managed to do lots of learning too!  


I put on some photographs of the second day to give Year 4 a bit of a flavour of what is to come on Thursday and Friday.


Can't wait to see you Year 4.  It is super hot, so please don't forget your water bottle, sun cream and hat. 


Mrs Petrie



Awful Auntie 58

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Monday, 22nd June 2020

Wow, the best day of the year has finally arrived.


The website is changed from this week as not only are most pupils in school for part of the week, but you will all be accessing the work on different days.  I have therefore put the suggested work for the week in subject folders and you can pick and choose what you would like to do (don’t feel you have to stick to your own year group’s work if you like the look of the other year group’s activity!).  As a lot of our first week back will be art/adjusting/re-acquainting based, I am putting an art sheet in for those pupils who are working from home.


I will shortly be issuing a date for a Tudor Day, where you will be able to wear your Tudor outfit all day (see how I wait until it is really hot to put you into a warm outfit?!) and spend the day learning about what it was like to live in that time (although no eating with your fingers!) before even I was born.  We have plenty of outfits in school if you don’t have one, but I am giving you notice in case your parents put the Tudor outfit in the loft.


I will be putting photos from class on each week so that those who are at home can keep in touch with what is happening (and hopefully send in their photos, too), and Year 3 children can see their Year 4 peers and vice versa.  Your parents can still ask any questions via email or ask the office if there are any queries or concerns.


It’s going to be amazing, and to say I can’t wait to see you is a massive understatement. It is also going to be sizzling, so lots of sun safety and outdoor activities.  See you at the fire door on Monday or Thursday!


Woop woop Class 2!


Mrs Extremely Over Excited Petrie

Awful Auntie 56

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Awful Auntie 57

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Friday, 19th June 2020

Today is Fantastic Friday as I will get to see some of you next week!! To those who are not coming in, I will still be putting work up on the website (did I hear you say “yay!”?) and I will put up photos so that you can see your classmates who will miss you as much as I will.  Well, maybe not as much, as that is not possible, but we will all be thinking about you!


To those who are coming in, I have so many fun things planned for the last few weeks of school, and the weather looks like it is going to be kind, so we will be outdoors as much as we can be.  You will be coming in through the fire door (how exciting is that, as I don’t normally let you use it unless we are sneaking out for an extra play without letting anyone in school know?), and I will wait outside the door for you all to come in (so if you see a mad person bouncing around excitedly, waving at the top of the path when you come in?  That will be me!). 


Don’t forget your drink bottle, snack, hat and sun cream, and if you would like to bring a book in from home to read, that would be lovely as you can read it whilst we wait for everyone to arrive.  Some of you have been emailing some fantastic questions that you have, so if any of you would like to ask anything, no matter how trivial, please email me today and I will email right back.  I am also in school if you or your parents would like to ring.  Don’t forget to bring a piece of your best work today if you can (even if you are not coming in) for our display board (there is a tray in reception).


Yesterday, I was so happy to hear from Jack who has been busy learning lots outside, and found a fantastic stone on his outdoor learning journey (he also managed to get to the seaside, and I am SO jealous as I wanted to take Douglas to get some surfing lessons and try out his new wetsuit).  Alex has been working as hard as ever and I was so pleased to see he has been carrying out so many activities and it is all so neat (hmmm, Alex, now that Ted is not with you, I will get to see who is REALLY doing the maths). Check out the photo of Alex's avocado today!  I wonder how Poppy's is doing?  Just as I thought that,  Poppy then sent in an amazing poster on plants, which shows me just what she has been learning about (not surprising as she has been planting for a lot of the spring).


Talking of poppies, I do hope that you have managed to see some on your travels, they are such a beautiful flower.  We will be doing some planting of seeds next week, so if any of you have any spare yoghurt pots (I have been collecting them for a week or so, but don’t have enough for everyone and my husband has begged me not to make him eat any more yoghurts so that I can have the pots!) that would be great.


Whoop whoop Class 2!!!  Have a wonderful weekend, get a great night’s sleep on Sunday and see some of you on Monday!  Douglas has begged to see you as I  have told him so much about you, so he will be ready to welcome you too and to see if you are all really as amazing as I tell him.


Mrs Over Excited Petrie Who Just Can’t Wait



Awful Auntie 54

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Awful Auntie 55

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Photos from Term 6

Thursday, 18th June 2020

I did not know until yesterday that Mrs Mann would not be working on Wednesdays, so if you sent me an email yesterday, I will not receive it until today and I have not ignored you.   It has been so strange not having lots of emails with your work!


I hope that you managed to get outside in the warm weather - the rain held off until I needed to leave school and so I got soaked just walking to my car.  At least the plants have all been watered.


Talking of plants, don't forget to have a look at the Oak Academy lessons on plants (the address was on Monday, along with the maths booklet for the week).


Douglas came in to school with me yesterday and insisted on helping me to record the Awful Auntie chapters - I am so close to the end of the book, but have no idea what is going to happen.


Have a fabulous Thursday, Class 2.


Mrs Petrie

Awful Auntie 51

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Awful Auntie 52

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Wednesday, 17th June 2020

I have no idea how it is already Wednesday, but here it is all the same whether I like it or not.  And I definitely do NOT like the weather this week (did you see how I slipped in a homophone there?  It is called subliminal teaching!), although it is going to be super at the weekend and warm and sunny all next week, woo.


It was great to see Archie’s work from yesterday, some maths, some science and speech marks (ha ha, at first I read his speech marks work and thought what great sentences they were, before I realised I had designed the sheet – talk about narcissism!).  Well done, Archie as always.


Henry then sent in some of the summer maths tasks that have been set, and he has been very busy on Bitesize.  Please find a website that engages you and interests you, and remember that everyone has a different preference for how they want to learn.  Keep up the good work, Henry.


Talking of learning, I have tried every way that I can to get Douglas to learn his tables, and he is refusing point blank to recite them back to me, never mind to answer random division questions on them. I shall take him into school tomorrow and will see if that inspires him.


Talking of being in school, I am guessing that most of you know by now that we are extending our school opening to include Years 3 and Years 4, and I am sure that you will appreciate what a difficult decision your parents have to make.  I have today been preparing work for next week, so if you do not come into school, there will still be lots to do.  Yes, I am not yet back in the classroom and I am already finding lots of learning for you.  ‘Twas ever thus...


If you or your parents would like to call today, I am in all day and also in on Friday.  Or you or they can email me as I have my laptop with me all day (if I can wrestle it off Douglas who is always wanting to use it to check his emails and social media following).


Mrs Petrie Who Is Rather Excited

Awful Auntie 50

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Tuesday, 16th June 2020

Happy Tuesday!


For those who did not go into the website yesterday, the maths for the week and the science task is on yesterday’s Suggested Work.  For those who did, I hope you enjoyed them. 


As an extra art task today, I wondered if you wanted to go in your garden (or even on a walk) and draw a plant, trying to focus on perspective.  It would be great to see some of your artwork if you do, and some of you might like to paint them, too (yes, parents, I knew that would delight you having to get paints all over your dining tables).


Talking of the work that you do, I was really excited to see that Alex is not only doing lots of work (including fabulous spellings), but he is also doing the avocado experiment that Poppy is doing. I really love seeing your work and I so appreciate your parents taking the time to photograph it and email it in.  It will be fascinating to see what happens with them (the avocados, not your parents).


Just a reminder that I am in school on Wednesday if anyone wants to call, but I am also available for emails etc if you have any queries or concerns.


Mrs Petrie

Awful Auntie 49

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Monday, 15th June 2020

Hey Hey Class 2!


Hope you had a lovely weekend in the sunshine and you are feeling all energised ready for a super week of learning.  I have a feeling that this week is going to be an amazing week!


Adding this on Monday morning: Merryn wins first prize in my Find the Missing Website Competition - the science activity did not have the website on "deliberately"  to see if you would notice (if I had a wink emoji facility on this site I would use one here) but it does now - it is the Oak Academy website, and you can find lots of other lessons on there, too.  Ahem, well done, Merryn!


I did lots of walking at the weekend, but still have not managed to get Douglas out on his lead yet despite bags of doggy treats.  I might take him into school this week to see if I can get him to do some reading and learn some tables as it is so hard to motivate him lately as he is a bit fed up of just being in the house.  I know some of you must be feeling the same, and so I am always so happy when I see your work as I know what an effort it is to keep producing it, and what an effort it is for your parents to keep you motivated and working. 


I also know that lots of you are doing lots of reading, so why not have a go at the reading challenge in the Suggested Work below?


I got in from school on Friday to find that Henry had been very busy with maths and literacy, and I loved some of his sentences.  Keep up the great work, Henry, your brain loves the exercise I am sure.


Poppy had also sent in some lovely art work which you can see below.  Fantastic colour mixing and a unique design.


I have put some different work on again this week to try to motivate/engage you as I know how hard it must be for you and your parents to keep going.  Please try to keep reading and ideally learn your tables even if you don't feel like doing much.


I am in school on Wednesday and Friday this week if anyone wants to call. 

Have a brilliant week, Class 2.  Still miss you loads and counting the hours until I see you again!


Mrs Petrie


Awful Auntie 48

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Friday, 12th June 2020

Wow, where to start with all of the incredible work that was sent in today?  I will start in the order that I received it!  Alex has been working SO hard on a range of subjects, and you can see the results of his endeavours below with his work (I did say in an email to Alex that it was rather amusing that I picked a summer topic for this week and it is anything but summery – I am sure you have all found this HUGELY amusing as the rain pours down!).  I love seeing your work, Alex, and I do scrutinise it to see what you have been learning and looking at your letter formation (no pressure, then!). It is great that you are doing lots of different learning.


Next in came Poppy’s avocado experiment, and this is particularly exciting as not only do I eat loads of avocados and mean to do this myself, but I have never seen one grow before so it will be fascinating to watch.  It is also our science topic so win, win, win!  I think Poppy will already know a lot about plants as she has planted so many things in spring.


Archie has been doing lots of division, and I echo Mummy's 'wow' comment on his work!  I have put lots of tables practice on today, which you can do whenever you get time.


Merryn continued the plant theme with her video, and yet again I learned something new, so I don’t know where she looks to find these facts, but I love to see them.


Thinking that it was all I was going to receive for the day, I was so happy to see Emilie’s photos – one of her building a fire, and another of her doing gym work outside (I can also do the splits standing up like Emilie, but only when I am asleep and dreaming that I can....).  She has also produced a fantastic PowerPoint on Plants which tells me how hard she has been working on this topic.  This is a super example of a great all-round learning, going for a walk, building fires and learning facts.  Best of all is Emilie’s super smile that I miss so much.


Talking of missing things, I am in school again today.  As always, if you or your parents would like to ring me, I have the telephone with me in the hall.  


Have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend, Class 2.


Mrs Petrie

Awful Auntie 46

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Merryn's Plant Video

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Thursday, 11th June 2020

After washout Wednesday, I hope you are looking forward to a Thursday with er, oh yes, more rain, but the knowledge that it is going to get warmer.  Coats seemed such a distant memory in May and so I forgot to take mine into school yesterday.


I managed to get sound and vision on my video message and Awful Auntie recordings, although my book did disappear for a while as you can see on the video today alongside the next installment of Awful Auntie.  I am really curious about what is going to happen in the story and am also looking forward to not having to do my dreadful cockney accent for much longer (yes, I know that you are as excited about the latter as I am).


The Wonderful Wades sent in their amazing ten commandments which you can see below.  I am kind of disappointed that they did not include “Bring Cake for Your Teacher”, but they are still pretty special all the same.

Have a super day, you super class!


Mrs Petrie

Where oh where is my book??

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Awful Auntie 45

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Wednesday, 10th June 2020

Well, will this Wednesday bring any joy with the sound on my video when I record Awful Auntie in school today?  I shall try to get into the classroom early again and hope that I don’t get disturbed by any photo bombers.


My weather forecast seems to be rather accurate (or at least it was in my village) and I hope you made the most of it and got outside yesterday, if only in your gardens.  Douglas has been pestering me to buy him a slide and swings, but I have told him that it is going to rain for a few days in the hope that he might forget about them (your parents may use this tactic too, but don't let on that I shared it with you).


Yesterday, I received some maths, completed wordsearch and a crossword

from Henry, who I know loves to find out about words and what they mean.  I empathised with his futility at expecting a lie in in his sentence work...


Then, I received some literacy and spelling from Archie with super spelling and handwriting on both.  I am still dreaming of his chocolate and fresh cream cake...


I have also been busy trying to think up some fun and challenging tasks for next week’s work (which is basically hard work disguised as enjoyment), so I hope I have achieved my aim.  I am thinking of setting a quiz next week (if I can get my video to work properly).


Have a wonderful Wednesday, Class 2.  Mrs Haggerty is in with me today so I shall have to think of lots of work to set for her to keep her out of mischief (not sure it is possible to achieve THAT aim)!


Mrs Petrie


Awful Auntie 44 Mark 2

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Tuesday, 9th June 2020

Tuesday is here again, Class 2.  No matter how much fun you are having, time rolls on.  I hope you did have fun yesterday and that you make the most of the relatively rain-free day today as from Wednesday it is looking pretty rainy.  You see how much time I save you on checking out a weather forecast?!


Someone who definitely enjoyed himself at the weekend was Baking Brear, who made some delicious scones and a scrumptious looking chocolate cake.  With fresh cream.  Yum.  How I stopped myself from reaching into the screen, I will never know.  Thank goodness Douglas was there to restrain me.


I went from seeing Archie’s huge smile with his cake to Poppy’s huge smile with her felt tulip.  What a fun thing to do, and I immediately wanted to do a lesson on it as our unit this term is plants.  Lovely work, Poppy, and a lovely smile.


As usual, Alex and Ted have been working like the clappers and he has produced super writing, spelling AND maths (although I think Ted did the majority of the maths as he has a great head for figures, I’m told).  Well done to both of you and great to see you working so hard, Alex.


Another conscientious and VERY busy pupil is Isaac – gosh, how I am missing you all, Class 2.  He has enjoyed working on a Tudor cartoon strip, lots of maths and a brilliant newspaper about the Battle of Bosworth.  A very busy bee indeed, and what a variety of work he is getting through.


Merryn then sent in a Tudor video, and she has been working hard on producing videos for her family, too.  Have a look at all of the work below, including Merryn’s Tudor video.


Talking of videos, I have re-done three of them yesterday and have put two on today.  Tomorrow, I will record them from the classroom, checking every 2 minutes that the sound is working.  I do hope I won’t be photo bombed....


If you did not go onto the website yesterday (tsk tsk), all of the maths for Year 4 and English for both groups (plus a bit extra) was put on yesterday.  I hope you are enjoying the topic tasks this week but most of all I hope you are enjoying learning whatever you are doing.


Mrs Misses Her Marvellous Class Petrie

Awful Auntie Video 43 Mark 2

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Awful Auntie 44 Mark 2

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Merryn's Tudor Video

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Monday, 8th June 2020

If you haven’t been washed away by the rivers of rain, welcome to a whole new week of learning, Class 2. I have tried to shake things up a little this week and have set hopefully challenging work for you with some options.  This week, the maths and English are all on today for the week, so if you don’t read the daily messages, you are going to wonder where it is if you log on later in the week....


Alongside the learning that I put on, you can always go on Code.Org, CAS Barefoot or Scratch online.  TT Rockstars is a fun way to keep up with your tables, and Oxford Owl has lots of reading opportunities. BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy also have different lessons if you have lots of access to a device (I know that some of you are sharing).  There is an amazing website called Talk 4 Writing, and some of you may find these activities stimulating and interesting.  For Year 3, the link is:


For Year 4, the link is:


If you are following the Awful Auntie videos, you will note that they are recorded in the classroom this week.  Miss Jones came in to school on Friday morning to hear me screaming behind our closed classroom door and wondered what was going on!  Our classroom is the tidiest it will ever be, apart from my desk which just seems to get messy all by itself.  Either that, or Douglas has been messing it up as he insists on coming into school with me...


Henry has been making the most of the bad weather to get on with some grammar, maths and mindful colouring.  Check out his work below to see how amazing it all is.  Well done, Mr Thomas!


Have a great week.  I am in on Wednesday and Friday this week if anyone would like a call.  Make the  most of Monday and Tuesday and the dry weather.  I shall be doing lots of online learning on the days that I am not in school, so I am feeling your pain, Class 2.


Mrs Missing Every One of You Petrie

p.s. You know how I say there is no room for Drama Llamas in Class 2?  Well, the major drama today is that I can not get sound on the videos that I recorded on Friday ready for this week.  Whilst I am investigating this, I have put on the first video so that you can see the classroom (in case you are missing it - whaddya mean, you aren't??!!).  Anyone who can lip read will also be at an advantage!  If the issue can not be fixed (I have emailed the IT Technician on Sunday), I will re-film them on Monday!


Awful Auntie without sound

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Friday, 5th June 2020

Friday again, and another week has whizzed by.  I know that it is hard to stay motivated, but try to do something every day even if it is just reading and TT Rockstars.  I am really pleased to hear so many of you know all of your tables now, and I cannot wait to hand out some tables certificates when we get back.  Will there be any Exceptionals dern dern dern......


Someone who has stayed very motivated is Merryn, and she sent in lots of work including the drawing below (I am sure she will enjoy the art tasks on the website on this message), some maths and a character profile.  Lovely to see you enjoying your work, Merryn, keep it up!


Georgina has been enjoying her French so much that she has produced a super poster with some of the phrases – I am looking forward to hearing her say them.  I will have to tell Mrs Haggert that she is out of a job when we go back, as Georgina is going to be in charge of displays.  Alex has sent in some lovely literacy and fractions work (I did check for Ted’s paw prints to see who had really completed it) and I am really pleased to hear that Alex is doing lots of reading.  Miss you both lots!


There is maths and literacy in the Suggested Work for today, plus a spelling activity.   Yes, I know what you are thinking, ‘she waits until the weather turns before she sends us outside to do some spelling’.  If you are feeling like you fancy a bit of art, have a look at the ideas on this webpage:


Have a fantastic weekend, everyone.  I am in school today, and then Wednesday and Friday next week if anyone wants a call.  If you have asked for a paper pack, I will copy them today and leave them in the foyer on the table.  Or sur la table as Georgina might say!


Miss you loads, Mrs Petrie

Awful Auntie 42

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Awful Auntie 42 and a bit to finish the chapter

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Thursday, 4th June 2020

Thursday is here already, and my weather forecast was correct for yesterday.  Phew, for a cool breeze and a spot of rain on our plants.


Talking of plants (and some people swear by talking to them to help them grow), it is our science topic for this term.  For next week, I have tried very hard to find different and challenging activities for you, and I have included some activities based around plants.  I know that lots of you have been busy in your garden, and so I decided to put plant-based things to do on our website as I am sure you will be able to complete them.


For today, I have put on a PowerPoint on about Tudor monarchs.   I will let you choose what activity you do around this - a leaflet, a poster, an information booklet, biographies -the world is your lobster.


Talking of Tudors, check out Poppy's amazing Tudor poster and Archie's fantastic literacy and maths work from yesterday!


Have a lovely Thursday, Class 2!


Mrs Petrie





Awful Auntie 41

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Wednesday, 3rd June 2020

The Boys Are Back in Town (you will all be far too young to have any idea about this song.  In fact, your parents and grandparents are also far too young to have heard of it, but it is what I thought today when I received messages from the boys).


What a treat this morning!  I received an email from Hayden with a fabulous photo of his birthday – I miss you so much, Hayden.  It looks like you had a great time and had lots of presents, too.  Most importantly, Hayden has promised to remember my cake, thus showing me that he has his priorities in the right order.  It was also super to receive his letter about Cogston House.  Thanks, Hayden!


This was followed by an amazing video of Archie and Mummy conversing en francais and lots of super work.  I marvel daily at how much work Archie manages to get through, and how he maintains his high standards in every piece of work that he completes.  And all with a happy smile!


Just as I am busy marvelling at Hayden and Archie, in popped an email from Henry with lots of work, too!  I do miss seeing all of your work, and so seeing the work that was set completed by you is really special, as is seeing Henry working so hard.  Keep up the amazing work, Henry!


I hope some of you managed to have a go with some French, and that you enjoyed it.  Today, there are a few different activities for literacy, and I think that either year group could tackle them – have a look and see which one interests you more.  Where there are large PowerPoint presentations, I have to break them down into two parts for our website.


Have a wonderful Wednesday.  It is supposed to be getting cooler and I am hoping for rain on my newly planted vegetables.


Mrs Petrie

Who Still Misses You More Than You Can Imagine

Awful Auntie 40

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Tuesday, 2nd June 2020

Coo what a hot day it was yesterday!  I hope you managed some time out in your garden (and some of you in your lovely pools).   It was super to wave in a socially distant way to some of you yesterday!


I have put a French PowerPoint on today (I had to save it in two parts) and a French song.  We did start to do the register in French and in the last few weeks, we started to learn more French words.  Have a look at the PowerPoint and practise greeting your family in French this week.  Oooh la la!


As always, the suggested work provides ideas for you to work through, but don't worry if you struggle with any of it.  Remember that you can have a look at BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy if you would like to consolidate anything that you enjoy or are stuck on.  And TT Rockstars is always a good website to go on if you get time.


Have an amazing Tuesday Amazing Class 2!


Mrs Petrie



Awful Auntie 39

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Monday, 1st June 2020

Welcome to Term 6!


I hope you had an amazing half term and that you and your families managed to relax and have fun in the sun.  I cannot believe that it is June already.


Whoop whoop, now that Great Casterton is open, I will be there rather than Empingham, so I can pop in and see our lovely classroom and remember our amazing times and learning.  As you can see from the photo below, Douglas was keen to see the classroom too, and guess who photobombed?  If anyone wants a call, please ring the office at Great Casterton this week – I am in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


As it is a new term, I have started a new folder of photos and I am as keen as ever to see what you have been up to.


There are more chapters of Awful Auntie on our webpage (if you did not listen to them last week, they are numbered, so that you can hear them in order).  I am really keen to find out what happens in the story, as it is not like the usual David Walliams book. 


Have a great week, everyone!


Mrs Petrie

Awful Auntie 38

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Friday, 22nd May 2020

OK, Class 2, I am getting SERIOUS pool envy.  So many of you have a pool and are having such an amazing time in them.    Douglas has been nagging for me to get one, and I have so far resisted, but seeing how much fun you are having in yours, I might change my mind.  I did say in an email to one of you yesterday that when I was a child, mine was much smaller than any of yours (and I had to share it with 3 siblings and a splashy black lab) and yours all look great fun.


I know that some of you love a wordsearch, which is why I included one this week and it was lovely to see Poppy’s coloured in so neatly.  If you have some squared paper, or you could draw some squares, you can make one of your own.


I always love an email from Merryn as she does so many different things and, best of all, she is really enjoying herself.  Today she sent in a photo of her yoga, cake baking and decorating (yes, before you ask, I did ask if she could bring one in for her teacher) and an advert for a Tudor dress (in documents, below). 


Talking of cakes, I do hope that Hayden, who had a birthday yesterday, does not think he has escaped bringing in a piece of cake – hope you had a fantastic day, Hayden, but don’t think I will forget about my cake...


Isaac has been super busy and it was just lovely to get a long, chatty email telling me all about what he has been doing and how much work he is getting through.  I also heard today how hard Alex is working and neither of these emails surprised me as they both work so hard in class and are excellent role models (check out Alex’s spelling below!). I think they will both enjoy the Year 4 maths task today as it is all about tables - Isaac AND Alex know their tables now!  You can always dip into the activities for either year, as I often slip in a Year 4 sheet for year 3s in school (oh gosh, there goes my secret, now you all know!).


Remember that in class I talk a lot about you all having different learning styles, so it is up to me to try to find different ways and formats to teach you a concept?  Similarly, some of you are finding that doing lots of work helps you and makes you feel better and some of you are having days where you just can’t face a task.  We are all different, so don’t worry if you have an “off” day, but if working hard helps you, then that is fine, too.


It seems that a number of you will be doing the Tudor quiz that I videod this morning, so I hope you enjoy it if you do.  It is funny, but when I am videoing, I think of you all and imagine you all sitting in front of me scribbling away at your answers.  I have done two videos, one with the questions and one with the answers, so remember to open them in the right order and no peeping at the answers before you do it!


Tomorrow, I will be in Empingham (and next Friday) if anyone wants a call.  The video on my laptop is playing up, so the IT Technician is collecting my laptop from Empingham tomorrow, so I am putting on all of the Awful Aunties for half term tonight in case I don’t get my laptop back in time.  You will therefore see lots of videos and can open them when you like.


If you're looking for something to do next week, the Oak National Academy have lots of activities (and lessons, too - do teachers ever switch off?!).


Good luck with the quiz and have a FANTASTIC week off next week.  Mrs Mann is having a break, so she won’t be sending any emails to me over the week, but I shall be thinking of you all and will be hoping you have a great time with your family.


Mrs Petrie and Douglas (who photobombs the quiz)



Tudor Quiz Questions

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Tudor Quiz Answers

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Awful Auntie 33

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Awful Auntie 34

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Awful Auntie 35

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Awful Auntie 36

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Awful auntie 37

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Class 2 Photographs - what an original title!!