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Welcome to

Great Casterton CE Primary School

Day Five

Easter Story Endings

Hey hey Class 2


Today is the last day that I will be issuing work for two weeks (stop cheering), but I am sure that there is lots on here that you have not completed or that you can find something online (or, gasp, in a book/make a game yourself/have an idea that is not online) to keep you busy.  Some things to do over Easter alongside eating way too much chocolate are:


music: youtube/myleenmusicklass






food technology:


BBC Bitesize have lots of videos and interactive activities on a variety of subjects, and they are also going to put on daily age-appropriate lessons for those of you who like to learn by seeing and doing rather than just reading.


A pupil messaged that they wanted a worksheet on co-ordinates, so I have also included today some extra work on grid references with some fun activities.  Can you make your own game?  Can you draw your own treasure map and challenge a parent or sibling to find it using your clues?  


There is a Parentmail today with lots of different websites where you can find new books to read.  


Thomas Brown sent in a lovely letter today (and a super photo, in the Fun and Photos folder - just seeing you on photos is keeping me going), and it made me realise how much I miss your incredible writing.  For your Easter challenge, I am going to write a story starter below.  If you want to write your own ending on a Word document, you can email  it in to the office email at Great Casterton and I will put them onto this website over Easter.  It would be amazing to see some fantastic writing and to compare your different ideas.  Remember that it is important that you keep writing whilst you are not at school so that you don't forget how to do it!


Have an eggstra special Easter doing eggciting things and I will be back online with your story endings and some new work after the Easter break.  If you want to send anything in inc. photos, PowerPoints or your story endings, poor Mrs Mann will forward them on to me and I will put them on here.


Take care, be kind to your families and enjoy the lovely warm weather that is coming up!


Best wishes 


Mrs Petrie


This is the story starter - can you write an ending and email it to the office to be displayed on here:


It was the week before the Easter holidays and Class 2 were REALLY looking forward to two weeks where they were not nagged about writing the date and title AND having to underline them and without reminders every two seconds about punctuation and neat writing (sheesh, Mrs Petrie was a very demanding teacher).  Mrs Petrie and Mrs Haggerty were, as usual, having a gossip in the corner of the class whilst slurping their coffee and pretending not to see twenty hands up and the six children lined up in front of them to use going to the toilet/refill their water bottles as an excuse not to write an essay on nine thousand reasons to visit Europe.



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